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The 13th Legion is a now extinct criminal mob family headed up by it's kingpin, Reo Spinnaker. 

Towards the end of their existence, Spinnaker's first lieutenant, Nebuchadnezzar, found himself as a target for his vindictive and paranoid boss. This fear on Spinnaker’s part was not totally without its merits as Nebuchadnezzar commanded the absolute loyalty of at least half of the men who made up the members of the 13th Legion.

In response to this, Spinnaker made a serious attempt on Nebuchadnezzar’s life, but he was saved but some of those loyal to him, particularly, Jodiah. Additionally, Jazereth himself, then and now associated with the fledgling Cathedral Legion was his ride home, and that new home, as a lieutenant in the Cathedral Legion. The Cathedral Legion mobilized the members it already had, and in addition, quickly welcomed the members of the 13th Legion loyal to Nebuchadnezzar into their ranks. What follows in a blood bath.

The Cathedral Legion declared war on the 13th Legion, and thanks to Nebuchadnezzar and the other former 13th Legion members knowledge of the inner workings of the organization, where quickly and utterly destroyed by the Cathedral Legion. Rumors still abound that in some way, many Synthian GEN 1 Units also where a part of the destruction of the 13th Legion, but this remains unconfirmed and most likely, just a rumor.

In the end, the remaining members of the 13th Legion where either killed or dispersed and have not been seen since. Reo Spinnaker himself was killed in the final battle between these two titans, and burned alive.
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This is the only known photograph of former 13th Legion Kingpin, Reo Spinnaker.  He lived his life off of the grid and in secrecy.  The context, time and location of this photographs origins are unknown, but what is know, this photograph is how Spinnaker appeared towards the end of his life.  In the end, it can be surmissed that is callas leadership style towards his own members was his downfall.