The term "Confederation" actually refers to a military co-operative of most all the nations of Planet Earth.  It was established shortly following the initial attack of the Gyrusians and the Transians as a way to combine resources from the various countries of the World in the effort of pushing back the invaders.

The Confederation today operates still as a military operation of nation states with a few mission goals in mind.

1.  To discover and recover all human abducties of the Transian Raiders.
2.  To discover the location of the Gyrusian home World and sub-due the Gyrusian threat before it re-establishes itself and attacks the Earth again.
3.  To sub-due or otherwise destroy all BRIG 5 remnant forces still active on Planet Earth.
4.  To protect the citizens of the Earth against further aggression from out of World enemies to include the Gyrusians and the Transians.

Outside of these mandates, the Confederation’s nation state participants operate and deploy their various militaries as they see fit, thusly, distinguishing the alliance as a Confederation, as opposed to a Federation..

The Confederation Space Battle Group charged with some of these tasks is the most direct joint and full time venture of the participating nation states, with members of these countries serving often together on the same vessels.

The Confederation Banner Flag.  The Words "Nulla Ratione Dare" are Latin for "No Ground To Give", which is the official Confederation creed.