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(NOTE: Complete background not public...Individual lives within the Confederation Identity Protection Program.)

Gunn's biological Father was killed before he was born.  Gunn's Mother moved to San Angelo Texas, where she gave birth to and raised him.

After the attack of Gyrusian and Transian forces, Gunn joined the US military as an enlisted men.  Later was promoted into the officers core, initially due to heavy looses suffered at the hands of the attackers.  Soon thereafter earned his new strips.  Was instrumental, along with the RALLY X Corp and Special Forces Team he commanded in procuring control of the first 6 Confederation Battle cruisers from the Gyrusian Fleet.  

Notably, this took place during the full Gyrusian retreat around Mars.  The ship Gunn's team was to take control of was the only one in the Gyrusian attachment to break away from Mars and attempt a collision course with earth.  Thanks to Gunn's team, code named, Eagle, The ship was force crashed into the Atlantic ocean, rather than dry land.  It was later recovered and re-named the USS LUCITANIA in honor of the lost ship which sparked World War 1.  

Gunn led Eagle Team for another 5 years until the murder of his first wife Kimberly and their newborn son.  

Today, Due to his entree into the Confederation Identify protection Corp after his families murder, Gunn's official records have been destroyed and his exact whereabouts are difficult to lock down.  

Gunn possess an unknown amount of wealth due to an envention adopted by the Confederation he created, and his retirment from teh Confederation.


These photos are from Gunn's days in the Confederation.
Major Thomas Gunn
Confederation Rally X Special OPS CORPS.
Team Commander:  Eagle

Gunn would later and for a brief time be promoted to Colonel shortly before his Confederation Retirement.
This photo is the most recent taken of Tommy Gunn.  It is unkown when exactly or where it was taken.