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The Gyrusians are an Alien race.  Their initial contact with the planet Earth was in fact events which started what history now records as “The Great War.”

It is not known from where, or why the Gyrusians came to Planet Earth, but when they arrived, evidence seems to support they did not find what they where looking for, and rather than simply leave, they launched a full scale war of extermination against Human Kind, prompting ultimately the formation of what is known today as The Confederation.

Some theories put forth suggest that the Transians, who came with the Gyrusians, where promised Earth in exchange for their help in the extermination of Humanity.  This has been confirmed by members of the Transian Tribe, The Shalom, who joined with the humans during the war to repel the invaders.  However, their initial reasoning for their assault remain unknown to this day.

Evidence also suggest, based on known Gyrusian attire, that their system of government is similar to the Nazi form of Government from Earth’s own history.  That in and of itself could go far in explaining why they initially attacked. 

The Great War did launch a completely new era of Human technology in all fields.  Some of the Gyrusian Battle ships they arrived in where captured in the final great battle of The Great War and where re-fit and today still in service for the Confederation.

Today, finding the Gyrusian home world remains one of the top, and shared priorities of the Confederation.


This is a mock up of one of the known Gyrusian Banners.  Its exact meaning is unknown, however, what is clearly evident is the banners modified swastika.  What this symbol means to the Gyrusians is also known.
This photograph, taken at some point after the war, is of a Gyrusian Officer who found himself stranded on Earth.