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Herman Valkerie

Herman Valkerie is a former commanding General in the Confederation RALLY X Corp.

Under his watch, the plan of attack on the retreating Gyrusian Battle Cruisers in orbit around Mars was laid out and conducted by the Operators under his command.

General Valkerie was asked to join The Civil Protection Union and head up a new research and development unit code named The Alpha Project, which was later revealed to be the Synthian Generation 1 program.  He was asked to officially join CPU because Early model Combat Synthians had already been field tested in the Confederation RALLY X Corp under his command, and General Valkerie was also in command of the division who oversaw their development.

His exit from the Confederation was delayed by one year due to the murder of his most trusted and long time personal friend, Major Thomas Oakland Gunn's first wife Kimberly and their infant son.

Upon retiring from the Confederation, Valkerie immediately picked up his role in CPU and led the team who in fact did successfully develop the first generation of Synthian cyborgs to be deployed in a police capacity. 

Herman Valkerie was instrumental in helping CPU overcome design flaws in the Generation 1 Synthians, which led to the development of the Generation 2 Synthian.  Today, Herman still heads up the department which maintains Synthian development, at least on paper, and he sits on the board of Directors of The Civil Protection Union, though he generally chooses to be a non-participating member.

In his personal life, Herman Has a son who now serves in the Confederation, and survives his late wife, Elly Valkerie.


This photo is General Herman Valkerie.

It was taken during the period he was in fact helping CPU develop the Synthian Alpha project.

He retired from the Confederation 1 year later and officially entered The Civil Protection Union.

General Valkerie's final assignment within the Confederation was Commander of the Rally X Special OPS COPRS.

This photo is the most recent known photo of Herman Valkerie.

Exactly when and where it was taken is unknown.