CPU FILE 43-BETA 25 45



Jazereth, or Jazy for short, is known to be a high ranking hit man and member of the feared crime syndicate, The Cathedral Legion.  

His closest associate is also a high ranking member of the Legion, Nebuchadnezzar.

Jazereth is believed to also be of alien decent, a race of symbiotic aliens called the Cheris.  Where exactly the Cheris reside is unknown as the Confederation has not officially found their home world.  How Jazereth came to be on Earth and a member of the Cathedral Legion is also not known.  The original host body everyone knows as Jazereth’s original identity is sketchy, but believed to be a long missing Lieutenant who served in the Great war named, Stephen Ferrall.  Lieutenant Ferrell was reported missing during the war and is today consider KIA by the Confederation.  However, when Jazereth first came onto the scene many years later, a former comrade of Lieutenant Ferrell actually reported to CPU that he was involved with the Cathedral Legion.  Later encounters with Jazereth could not confirm nor deny these matters.  

What is known is that Jazereth is a lethally dangerous member of an elusive organization who remains at the top of The Civil Protection Union’s most wanted list.


This photograph, snapped by a surveillance camera, offers a rare glimpse of Jazereth from years ago earlier on in his criminal career in The Cathedral Legion.
This photograph, also snapped by a surveillance camera, is current.  Jazereth has clearly shortened his hair as per this photograph when compared with earlier photos.