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Rulah Afgard’s early life saw him on the stomp for political candidates in elections after his graduation from law school.  Later, he himself would become a political figure in the form of lobbying work on the behalf of the Social Justice Consortium.  A failed run for the US senate followed, but the campaign made him famous and he soon became a member of the board of Directors of The Civil Protection Union. 

Corruption charges and ethics violates led to the Federalization in part of CPU,  and Rulah Afgard was named the new C.E.O. of The Civil Protection Union.  When he was first voted into the position, CPU was in shambles. 

Rulah Afgard took over and has ran the board of CPU for the better part of a decade.  He has spear headed the effort to take human beings out of the line of fire on the streets as law enforcement officers with his complete support of the Synthian Cyborg Program, which has over the past decade become CPU’s main focus.  While Synthian evolvement is present within the Confederation, the bulk of the force has been focused to street patrols under Rulah.

CPU also has holdings in many other Special Interest Organizations, such as the Clean Earth Foundation, The Interior of Health, and most notably, The Anti-Gun Commission, which has sought under the leadership of Mr. Afgard to make society safer by means of the total and complete banning of weapons to the public.  The commission has so far not succeeded in a  full ban, but progress has been made to take guns out of the hands of children and those who would commit crimes.