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Based on information provided by the Shalom Transian Clan, we have a clear picture of Transian history. 

What is known, the Transians, as a race hail form a distorted planet called Uk’ Kaary.  The location of this former body was 100 light years from Earth. Uk’ Kaary’s one Lunar body was completely destroyed by an asteroid, throwing the gravitation balance of the planet into chaos.  It became nessacary to evacuate, but due to the advanced Transian race at the time, this was managed.  Survivors gathered in a nomadic collection of over 1 Million ships and fled Uk’ Kaary prior to it’s final destruction.

The displaced Transians would travel aimlessly for the next 65 Earth years, gradually disintegrating form the once proud and technologically advanced society they where, into little more than desperate pirates.  In fighting destroyed 100’s of thousands of the Transian vessels and eventually, full out war occurred between the remaining 13 Transian Clans.  A chance encounter with the Gyrusians once again united the clans temporarily for th goal of finding a new home on Earth.  All clans but one would join in the invasion.  The one dissenting clan, The Shalom’s joined with Humanity.  When the Gyrusians where finally beaten back into space, only the Shalom would find a home on Earth.  The remaining clans where finally scattered apart.

To this day, Transian Raider ships still travel to and  from Earth, taken with them select human females.  Where they take these people and their recovery remains a top shared Confederation directive.