So I had joined the Army in 1994, and shipped out to do basic and the whole nine yards.  Upon finally finishing up all of that, it was time to start thinking about Tommy Gunn again.  During my first leave from the Army, I came back home and assembled my crew again to film what is now officially the final episode of the series, but not literally the last one we did.  “The Hunter” was filmed in only a few days and told the story of a vengeful Cathedral Legion coming back to seek its revenge against Gunn, whom had derailed Rulah Afgard's attempts to take over the world in The Hidden Desease.  Fortunately for Gunn, he brought Ivan Kincad with him this time, who was able to save Gunn’s bacon at the last moment, allowing for a huge fire fight to ensue, and finally ending with the defeat of the Cathedral Legion at the hands of Gunn and Kincad.


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