There is always that one certain moment when you just know that
Pandora's box has now been opened forever.  At the very end of 2009, during the Christmas season, my boys wanted to shoot yet another Tommy Gunlet episode.   Sadly, scheduling did not work out for Quinten to attend, so an alternative was quickly thrown together.

Gunlet and Midget Jazzy would be fighting over possession of a mysterious "disc" when out of no where, classic Gunn series Alumni Nebuchadnezzar, again played by Dan Chaney, steps in to seize control of the disc.  The little heroes now have to work together to attempt to recover it, but fail, as Nebuchadnezzar is just too strong, and it is at this moment that another classic Gunn Alumni, Tommy Gunn himself, steps on scream for the first time in at least 6 years.

After challenging Nebuchadnezzar to take on someone more his own size, Neb's retreats and warns that a storm is coming, and hopes Gunn will be ready.  In classic Gunn form, Gunn replies he will be ready when Nebs is, and throws in calling him "boy" for good measure...Classic!


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